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Fans. What's going on, near you?

GigMe Front Page

GigMe Front Page

What's happening today, near you. You can change the date, look further afield, or even check out another town.


An "Advertisement"

The only "Ads" you're going to see are for gigs - and that is only if you are already a fan or the band is playing near you.


Band Pages

Read all about the band, look up tour dates, pics, listen to tracks and watch videos. 'Join Us' to have a chat with the band and other fans.

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These terms are as published in the GigMe App

Summary of Terms for GigMe Users
GigMe is about advertising 'by consent'. The only Ads on GigMe are from Bands advertising their gigs. You will only ever receive emails from bands that you support, or from GigMe (rarely).
Bands need nurturing and following. By 'joining' a band here on GigMe, you (optionally) join their mailing list AND you will receive exclusive messaging from the band's own Chat page where you can interact with both the band and other fans. Please, if you love live music and you want it to thrive, support your favourite bands.
Most gigs will be on licenced premises, and are aimed at the over-18's, so the language, imagery, videos etc to be found here may well not be suitable for minors.
Cancellations can happen, and we cannot be held responsible. Please check before you go to a gig.
We hope you enjoy using GigMe.

Bands. What's it all about?

Bands. How to do Everything!


These terms are as published in the GigMe App.

Band Terms
Artists may feature their Biography, Gig dates & details, Instagram images, Soundcloud or Spotify audio, YouTube videos FREE OF CHARGE on GigMe.
Artists also have a dedicated chat page FREE OF CHARGE. Users who make use of an Artist's chat page are invited to allow their email to be known to that individual Artist. These emails are collected and can be downloaded by the Artist at any time.
Paid Advertising
Artists can advertise their gigs by associating a Campaign, (a re-usable and unlimited series of scheduled messages), with an individual gig. This is done in the weeks or days before the gig.  Messages are then automatically presented to the user as a full page featuring the Artist's name, picture or logo, the venue name, date & time as well as the message itself. From this page a button can be pressed to take the user to the Artist's gigs page.
Who sees the Adverts?
All existing fans, (that is all users who have 'joined' the Artists on their chat page), will receive the messages.
All users whose own chosen 'Home Town' and 'Gig Search Radius' encompass the location of the gig's venue. (That is to say all GigMe users who are close to the venue).
Other Advantages for Advertisers
Advertisers gig listings on a user's front page will appear BEFORE ANY non-advertisers' gig listing.
Gig listings appear with the Artist's picture or logo plus extra details, whereas non-advertisers gig listings appear in a bare, 'classified' style at the bottom of the user's front page.
Advertisers listings in the 'Search Artists' page appear with the Artist's picture or logo plus extra details, whereas non-advertisers gig listings appear with their name only.
How much does an Advertising Campaign cost?
£5 per gig.
As Band Administrator, I assert & confirm the following:
The Band I administer is for musical performance/entertainment purposes ONLY
and NOT for the promotion of any third-party products, services, or political or religious views.
I am the Publisher of all materials pertinent to my Band, (excepting Fan comments on the Band Chat Page), and I am responsible for any/all copyright or other issues arising from such publication.
I am willing to have my contact details forwarded to music industry participants wishing to promote their products or services.
I give my consent to the use of my published material in any activities designed to promote GigMe.

Become a GigMe Agent


These terms are as published in the GigMe App

Become a GigMe Agent
Are you passionate about Live Music? Perhaps you are in a Band, or you are a Promoter, or you just want to see more people going to see live music? You can help make that happen by becoming a GigMe Agent, and earn while you do it.

A GigMe Agent would be expected to:

Recruit bands to the GigMe App
Assist bands in setting up their GigMe pages
Assist bands in creating Campaigns
Assist bands with email services such as MailChimp
Promote Fan awareness of and proficiency using the GigMe App
Cultivate relationships with Venues and local listings providers

How much will I receive? 

A GigMe Campaign costs £5/gig. This includes Stripe payment processing charges and VAT, amounting to approximately £1.10, leaving a net charge of £3.90.
Your commission, based on this net charge will be:
£2.00 (a little over 50%) for each messaging Campaign purchased by Bands on your roster.
Commission is paid monthly, in the second week of any calendar month.

How much will it cost?

A non-exclusive, non-transferable GigMe Agency costs £10 per year, (366 days inclusive). This price includes VAT.
This price and the £5/gig Campaign price have been carefully calculated to remove any concerns about affordability. We want bands to see £5/gig as a 'crazy-not-to' price for the service offered and, similarly, we want Agents to see very easily that a price of £10 per year provides for a very rapid transition to profit.
Your annual £10 Agency payment is your only commitment. You will be paid for business written while you have a current, paid Agency in place. If you wish to stop, then payments will cease for any business written only after your Agency has expired.
We need Agencies all over the country to make GigMe a success. Why not join us?


  1. Facebook Login. We use Facebook Login for your convenience and ours. Almost everybody has a Facebook ID and by using Facebook Login, GigMe is issued with a unique ID number representing you. This is NOT your Facebook ID number - GigMe has no way of knowing that. As a consequence of using Facebook Login, Facebook will know that you are a GigMe user.
  2. Your email address - GigMe Users. When you press a Band's "Join Us" buttton, you will be asked if you would like to join the band's email list. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO. Bands may only use your email address for band-related emails such as newslettters, merchandise, ticket offers, track and album sales etc. Please consider supporting bands in this small way - it all helps. You can "un-follow" a band at any time, and this will trigger a notice to the band that you no longer wish to be on their mailing list. (They should also have an 'unsubscribe' option on any emails they send you). GigMe may send you the occasional email, but otherwise your email is kept STRICTLY PRIVATE. GigMe will NEVER pass on your email address to ANY 3rd parties.
  3. Your email address - Band Administrators. GigMe may pass on your email address to Music Industry Participants as new opportunities and ideas develop. If you specifically DO NOT wish this to happen, please let GigMe know by email.
  4. Your email address - GigMe Agents. Your email address will be used only for normal business communication and will not be passed on to any 3rd parties.